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Kami mendapati berikut bahasa inggeris kata-kata dan terjemahan untuk "arab":
Indonesia Bahasa_Inggeris
Jadi, ini adalah bagaimana anda mengatakan "arab" di bahasa inggeris.
Ungkapan-ungkapan yang mengandungi "arab":
Indonesia Bahasa_Inggeris
Kami berharap Ungkapan ini memberikan anda satu idea yang baik tentang bagaimana untuk menggunakan perkataan "arab" dalam ayat.
Perkataan "arab" adalah 2,062 times yang dicari.
Sehingga kini, 476,306 kata-kata dan ungkapan yang telah dicari, antara 6,010 hari.
2000 watak-watak yang tinggal

Tambah komen anda tentang "arab"...
1962 watak-watak yang tinggal

Berita hari ini yang mengandungi perkataan "arab":
Arab American exhibit on display in Little Tokyo (3/1/2013)
A traveling exhibit highlighting often forgotten Arab immigrants is being displayed in Little Tokyo, sharing the work of a community and its contributions to history since the American Revolution. "Patriots and Peacemakers: Arab Americans in Service to Our Country" takes...
McCully to attend Arab League meeting (3/3/2013)
Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully will travel to Egypt today to attend the League of Arab States Executive Council meeting. "The Arab League has been at the forefront of some of the most pressing international issues over the past two years, including Libya and Syria," Mr McCully says. "Its leadership will be critical for dealing with the range of challenges that have resulted from the ...
Arab consortium planning £1.5bn Arsenal takeover (3/3/2013)
An Arab consortium is considering making a bid for Arsenal in the near future, according to reports in The Sun on Sunday and Sunday Telegraph
Research and Markets: United Arab Emirates Oil and Gas Strategic Analysis and Outlook to 2025 - Supply, Demand ... (3/1/2013)
Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "United Arab Emirates Oil and Gas Strategic Analysis and Outl
William Ervin Keener Weaves Together an Insightful Story of an Unlikely Duo (3/11/2013)
Engaging work of fiction shares the secret alliance between a Rebel girl and a soldier.(PRWeb December 06, 2012)
Shawn Douglass Joins ServiceMesh as CTO (3/11/2013)
ServiceMesh Hires Industry Leader to Drive Technology Strategy and Innovation(PRWeb January 16, 2013)
Health & Disability Advocates Challenges the Chicago Public Schools for Failures to Provide Early Childhood Special Education Services (3/11/2013)
National Health, Education and Employment Nonprofit Files State Class Complaint for Violations of Individuals with Disabilities in Education Act(PRWeb January 08, 2013)
IMF Warns of More Intervention in Canada’s Housing Market 2013 (3/11/2013)
CTO of Syndicate Mortgages Shares An Insight Into Information Revealed By The Financial Post(PRWeb March 05, 2013)
Günther Herbig Leads BSO and Pianist Jonathan Biss in Beethoven’s Third Piano Concerto, May 31-June 2 (3/11/2013)
German conductor Günther Herbig will lead the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra and pianist Jonathan Biss in Beethoven’s powerful Piano Concerto No. 3 on Thursday, May 31 at 8 p.m. at the Music Center at Strathmore, and Friday, June 1 and Saturday, June 2 at 8 p.m. at the Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Hall.(PRWeb April 23, 2012)
American Almond Products Company Introduces Nutty Ideas for Gluten-Free Baking (3/11/2013)
Tips and Recipes for Baking Delectable Wheat-Free Treats Using Nut Ingredients(PRWeb August 01, 2012)
Yang baru mencari perkataan / ungkapan-ungkapan dalam kamus:

Indonesia - Bahasa Inggeris Kamus
sakti, kucir, umum, penggerek, lagi, siulan, mendendami, simposium, perbaikan, pedalaman

Bahasa Inggeris - Indonesia Kamus
uncombed, monarch, peritonitis, persian, dazzle, foresee, abeyance, burlesque, unessential, parboil

Melayu - Bahasa Inggeris Kamus
nenas, bercakap, barat, tumis, kantin, perkataan, cadangan, biru muda, membeli-belah, ikhlas

Bahasa Inggeris - Melayu Kamus
lunch, purpose, parent, but, umbrella, blow, architect, clock, excuse me, beach
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