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+2 rate 1. anagram tristan
+2 rate 2. passage, crossing, transition, transportation, conveyance
rate 3. any of the first series of United States navigation satellites. Launched by the United States Navy in 196061, the Transit satellites were developed to provide an accurate, all-weather navigational aid for seagoing vessels (including submarines) and aircraft. The system was so designed that any such craft could pinpoint its position by using a computer specially programmed to translate coded radio signals beamed from the satellites into latitude and longitude. Transit 1-B, the first in the series, was placed in a north-south polar orbit on April 13, 1960. It had only a 40-month life-span, however. Three advanced Transit models equipped with nuclear-power generators were launched from June 22, 1960, to Nov. 15, 1961.
rate 4. n the movement of goods or people from one place to another The question is whether road transit is cheaper than rail. Britain imports over 100 000 birds each year, but 20 000 die in transit. It is possible to make an insurance claim for any goods lost or damaged in transit. We went on one of those new rapid-transit trains. (esp. UK) The refugees were in a transit camp in Austria, on their way from Iraq to Germany.
rate 5. Travelling through a country en route to a final destination. For such purposes, there is usually no need for a visa to enter the transit country.Freedom to travel, Immigration Relations with countries of origin and transit)
rate 6. cartography Precision surveying instrument; a theodolite in which the telescope can be reversed in direction by rotation about its horizontal axis.
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