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Melayu Inggris
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New Book Tells the Story of a Boy Trying Big Things for Himself (3/22/2013)
Author Gloria Saddler-Reed writes the humorous adventures of Dewan as he tries to gain independence from his mother(PRWeb November 29, 2011)
Emdat Adds Shawn DeWane to Help Healthcare Providers Solve Medical Documentation Challenges (3/22/2013)
New Senior VP of Sales Bolsters Emdat’s Ability to Serve Changing Needs of Providers and Documentation Specialists(PRWeb September 22, 2011)
Benovia Winery Harvests Solar Energy to Reduce Costs and Carbon Footprint (3/22/2013)
Benovia Winery, a Sonoma County vintner of premium Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Zinfandel wines, has installed solar panels at its Russian River Valley facility to decrease its electric bill and increase its commitment to energy efficiency and a healthier environment.(PRWeb September 14, 2011)
Benovia Winery Hires Christy Simon as CFO (3/22/2013)
Benovia Winery hires Christy Simon as Chief Financial Officer for the Russian River Valley producer of premium Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Zinfandel wines.(PRWeb June 03, 2011)
Benovia Winery Promotes Winemaker to General Manager (3/22/2013)
Benovia Winery in Santa Rosa, CA, has promoted Co-Owner and Winemaker Mike Sullivan to the position of General Manager, according to Benovia Founder Joe Anderson. Sullivan will continue to make his acclaimed Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Zinfandel wines at the Russian River Valley winery while becoming more involved in day-to-day operations and future endeavors of the Sonoma County premium wine producer.(PRWeb May 29, 2011)
PTSD Symptoms Reduced 43% with New Web-based Online Computer Therapy Featured on Good Morning Arizona (3/22/2013)
The web-based online computer therapy company, ClaytonStress.com, was founded by Jeff Eastman, St. Louis businessman and attorney who wanted to help the 500,000+ veterans who were returning with PTSD from Iraq and Afghanistan. Further development came from Dr. Nick Dewan, a practicing psychiatrist and Dr. Tom Geracioti, an internationally recognized PTSD expert and NIH researcher. The confidential web-based therapy has been in testing for over 2 years with 93% of users reporting a 43% stress reduction. It is completely interactive between user and computer requiring no therapist. No personal information is every required. Users access the website anonymously.
Excelsior College Streamlines Application Process and Reduces Tuition for Military Students (3/22/2013)
Simpler procedures help students move more quickly into coursework at Excelsior, a nonprofit, accredited distance learning college. Graduate tuition rates for military are now in line with Military Tuition Assistance levels.(PRWeb February 17, 2011)
World of Baths Announce New Products (3/22/2013)
World of Baths, an online provider of bath fixtures and products, announces its inclusion of several new product lines among its already diverse offerings.(PRWeb December 16, 2010)
Nation’s Oldest Black Newspaper Unveils its Annual List of Philadelphia’s Most Influential African Americans (3/22/2013)
The Philadelphia Tribune, the nation’s oldest and the Greater Philadelphia Region’s largest newspaper serving the African-American community, will honor ten people who have been named to its annual list of the City’s “Most Influential” African Americans, at a private reception on Wednesday September 15, 2010.(PRWeb September 14, 2010)
1 Malaysia Paper Plane Fun Contest 2010 by CWorks Systems Berhad Scheduled for March 7, 2010 (3/22/2013)
CWorks Systems Promotes Science, 1 Malaysia, and Green as University Students Compete in Paper Airplane Contest
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Kamus Melayu - Inggris
tidak, minta, nenas, bercakap, barat, tumis, kantin, perkataan, cadangan, biru muda

Kamus Inggris - Melayu
young, cigarette, ball, pay, tv, intention, price, flag, exit, newspaper

Kamus Indonesia - Inggris
risalah, kasus, kedudukan, sampul, plin-plan, orang, menarafkan, membanggakan, spiral, teliti

Kamus Inggris - Indonesia
eyepatch, digest, domicile, rule, casebook, passage, lawn, laos, taste, portland
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