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Definisi kata "open":
+5 rate 1. not closed; not sealed; exposed, vulnerable; honest, frank; receptive; unrestricted; spread out; accessible; available
+1 rate 2. spacious place; wilderness, outdoors; open air, fresh air; competition in which both professionals and amateurs may compete; state of being unconcealed
+1 rate 3. unit trust or open-end trust; Company that invests the funds of its subscribers in diversified securities and issues units representing shares in those holdings. It differs from an investment trust, which issues shares in the company itself. While investment trusts have a fixed capitalization and a limited number of shares for sale, mutual funds make a continuous offering of new shares at net asset value (plus a sales charge) and redeem their shares on demand at net asset value, determined daily by the market value of the securities they hold.
+1 rate 4. open market operation
+1 rate 5. Used in the context of general equities. Having either buy or sell interest at the indicated price level and side of a preceding trade. "Open on the buy/sell side," means open to customer buyers/sellers, not that he/she wants to buy/sell but rather that he wants to find buyers/sellers (meaning that he/she is a seller/buyer). Antithesis of clean.
+1 rate 6. chess A type of position or file.
+1 rate 7. OK, who farted?
rate 8. The first price of the day for a contract on a securities or futures exchange. Futures exchanges post opening ranges for daily trading. Due to the fast-moving operation of futures markets, this range of closely related prices allows market participants to fill contracts at any price within the range, rather than be restricted to one price. The daily prices that are published are approximate medians of the opening range.
rate 9. When markets are in session, or contracts are being traded, the markets are said to be "open."
rate 10. anagram peon
rate 11. anagram nope
rate 12. move to an open position; be moved to an open position; begin; clear from obstructions; lead out or into; spread out; unseal; expose; make vulnerable; become receptive; remove restrictions; make accessible; make available
rate 13. bowling A frame that doesn't have a strike or spare. (blow, error, miss)
rate 14. open end trust
rate 15. open cluster
rate 16. Open Door policy
rate 17. open hearth process
rate 18. open heart surgery;
rate 19. B E G I N (v) to (cause to) begin I would like to open my talk by giving a brief background to the subject. I'm going to open an account with another bank, because my present one doesn't provide a very good service. The company plans to open (up) an office in Madrid. The Olympic Games open tomorrow. A new radio station is due to open (up) next month. The film opens (= will be shown for the first time) in New York and Los Angeles next week. Do not open fire (= begin shooting) until you hear the command.
rate 20. A condition in which solder fails to bridge the gap between lead termination and the pad, resulting in a loss of electrical continuity.
rate 21. An unobstructed area of land or water.
rate 22. chess A type of tournament in which any class of player can participate.
rate 23. petroleum industry of a wellbore, having no casing.
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