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Definisi kata "zoo":
+4 rate 1. plural zoos, dated (formal) zoological gardens (n) an area in which animals, esp. wild animals, are kept so that people can go and look at them, or study them I think zoos should let their animals roam around as freely as possible, not keep them in cages. The zoo has so far had no success in breeding pandas. Soon the only black rhinoceroses left may be those in zoos. The prisoners said that they felt like animals in a zoo. We watched the zoo-keeper (= a person who works in a zoo, taking care of the animals) feeding the lions.
+2 rate 2. park or facility where animals are kept and raised for visitors to see and observe, zoological park; (Slang) disorderly and chaotic place; (Computers) group of viruses and worms that exist only in virus and anti-virus laboratories; working area for many computer programmers
+1 rate 3. animal life; animal
+1 rate 4. zoological garden; Place where wild and sometimes domesticated animals are exhibited in captivity. Aquatic zoological gardens are called aquariums. The first zoos were perhaps associated with domestication. Pigeons were kept in captivity as early as 4500 BC; other animals (e.g., elephants and antelopes) have also been kept in captivity since antiquity. Animal collections were kept by Charlemagne and other European monarchs. Hernán Cortés described a zoo in Mexico (1519) so large that it required a staff of 300. Modern zookeeping started in 1752 with the founding of the Imperial Menagerie at Vienna's Schönbrunn Palace. Open-range zoos were first established in the early 1930s, some so large that visitors drive through in cars, as on an African safari. There are now more than 1,000 animal collections open to the public throughout the world (e.g., in the U.S., the Bronx Zoo and San Diego Zoo).
rate 5. World's largest collection of mammals, birds and reptiles, located in San Diego, Cal.; and administered by the Zoological Society of San Diego. The 100-acre (40.5-hectare) zoo, founded in 1916, has some 800 animal species and some 6,500 plant species. The 1,800-acre (729-hectare) San Diego Wild Animal Park opened in 1972 some 32 mi (52 km) northeast, in the San Pasqual Valley; there over 250 species of animals roam through Asian, African and Australian habitats. A research department, the Center for Reproduction of Endangered Species (1975) has contributed to the zoo's success in managing and breeding endangered species.
rate 6. also called Zoological Garden or Zoological Park place where wild animals and, in some instances, domesticated animals are exhibited in captivity. In such an establishment animals can generally be given more intensive care than is possible in nature reserves or sanctuaries. Most long-established zoos exhibit general collections of animals, but some formed more recently specialize in particular groupse.g., primates, big cats, tropical birds or waterfowl. Marine invertebrates, fishes and marine mammals often are kept in separate establishments known as aquariums . The word zoo was first used in the late 19th century as a popular abbreviation for the zoological gardens in London.
rate 7. it’s a zoo in there
rate 8. HAM code Place this message (or message...) on MERCAST indicated by following specific broadcast designator(s)...
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